Michael Hutchens, M.D., M.A.

Michael Hutchens

Michael Hutchens, M.D., M.A.


Oregon Health & Science University
3181 S.W. Sam Jackson Park Road
Portland, OR 97239
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Hutchens Lab: 503-220-8262 X5-7694


Dr. Michael Hutchens is a professor in the Department of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU). He also serves as an intensivist in the Portland Veterans Administration Medical Center Surgical Intensive Care Unit.  His long experience in cardiovascular and surgical critical care underpins an abiding research interest in acute kidney injury (AKI) caused by systemic illness, such as acute cardiorenal syndrome.  Current projects in the Hutchens lab focus on myocyte-derived mediators of renal  injury and adaptation to injury, as muscle injury precedes kidney injury in several forms of critical illness-induced AKI.  Past and current funders include the National Institutes of Health, the Veterans Administration and the Defense Department.

Jessica Hebert, Ph.D.

Jessica Hebert 200

Jessica Hebert, PhD is a postdoctoral scholar in the Hutchens Lab studying rhabdomyolysis and acute kidney injury. Dr. Hebert received her BA in Biology and Chemistry (Spanish minor) at Minnesota State University - Moorhead in 2007 and earned a PhD in Biology from Portland State in 2018. Her dissertation, under Dr. Terry Morgan at OHSU, focused on maternal pathology and fetal effects on placental development and long-term health. She completed a 2 year postdoctoral position in Ob/Gyn studying placental mitochondrial function affected maternal metabolic disorders and fetal sex.

In addition to her research, Dr. Hebert is an international award-winning public science communicator and an OMSI Science Communication Fellow, developing projects for their community-focused outreach efforts. In her free time, she enjoys writing and making music, crocheting, and drinking entirely too much coffee. She shares her passion for science, music, and more on Twitter at @Dame_DNA.

Adam Munhall, B.S.

A Portland native, Adam has worked at OHSU and the VA assisting research projects related to dopamine neuron electrophysiology. Now he will be turning his curiosity for system and cellular mechanisms to renal damage models in the Hutchens lab. In his spare time Adam explores the Pacific Northwest mountains and forests.

Mahaba B.Eiwaz, B.S

Mahaba Eiwaz

Mahaba joined the Hutchens Lab as a Research Assistant in 2018 after volunteering there for several years. Her work has focused on imaging and molecular assessment of kidney injury in cardiorenal syndrome. Mahaba was born and raised in Iraq and Syria, speaking Aramaic and Arabic prior to immigrating to the U.S., learning English, and earning her B.S. from PSU in 2018. Her favorite scientist is Gerty Cori. When not indulging her life-long love of science, she plays guitar.

Tahnee Groat, M.P.H.

Research Associate

Lijuan (Helen) Liu, D.V.M.

Helen Liu

Lijuan (Helen) Liu, D.V.M., is a research associate.  She joined APOM in January of 2013.  Dr. Liu received her DVM degree in China. Most recently, Dr. Liu worked in Dr. Donna Van Winkle’s lab, studying the mechanisms of cardioprotection induced by opioid peptides and epoxyeicosatrienoic acids. Specifically, she used cardiomyocytes isolated from adult or neonatal mouse to study signal transduction (PI3K-AKT pathway) transactivated by G protein-coupled receptors (opioid receptors and EGFR receptors). In addition, she also provided service for other laboratory personnel from OHSU in providing basic training for cardiomyocyte isolations and culture. Currently, she is working as the lead technician for the APOM Research Histology Core, providing technical expertise and support for a variety of research projects.  Outside of the lab, Helen enjoys dancing and taking care her parents at home.

Daiki Aomura Ph.D.

Daiki Aomura

Daiki, a Japanese nephrologist, started as a post-doctoral fellow in the lab of Michael Hutchens in 2024 after earning his PhD from Shinshu University in Japan. His PhD works focused on the association of renal and systemic metabolism, and he is studying in Mike’s lab about the mechanism of cardiorenal syndromes; how the kidney is affected with heart diseases, using mouse models. Outside of the lab, Daiki loves any sports including baseball, basketball, soccer, rugby and now he is into playing golf.