Volunteer to support OHSU School of Medicine students & trainees

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The OHSU Alumni Association is here to support School of Medicine students and trainees through the eHOST program, which virtually connects students and trainees with alumni to gain information and wisdom about particular locations and/or specialties of interest.

eHOST can be of particular benefit this interview season considering current travel restrictions. All students and many trainees are conducting interviews virtually, meaning they may not get the opportunity to visit cities where they are interviewing. OHSU alumni all over the nation can serve as sources of wisdom and support by sharing details about the cities/states where they practice. 

Please note that the eHOST program does not permit in-person interaction at this time. All interactions must be through the convenience of virtual meetings, email, or the phone.

Become an eHOST volunteer

If you’re an OHSU alumni willing to help a medical students and trainees better navigate or understand your community, we’d love to hear from you. Sharing your insights, experience and advice is a welcome gift to any member of the OHSU School of Medicine.
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Connect with an Alumni eHOST volunteer

If you are a current OHSU School of Medicine student or trainee and would like to use the eHOST network, complete this form to submit a request to receive a current list of cities in which alumni are available. 

We ask that you connect with hosts to determine the extent to which they are able to assist during the time period you expect to visit, and make arrangements with them to meet up in the host city if appropriate. 

After you return from your interview, please send a thank you to alumni who helped or hosted you, and let us know how it went at