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OHSU Dentistry Alumni Board President

Greetings from the School of Dentistry Alumni Association. It is my great honor to be your new Alumni Association president.

I have so many fond memories of this Institution. Those memories started in 1976 when I attended a program called the Junior Dentists Institute. Those of us who lived on the hill for that week came from all over the western states. The classes and clinics I attended cemented my resolve to become a dentist; a goal that I set as a six-year-old after a visit to my hometown dentist, 1959 OHSU graduate Robert Odle.

I have no regrets from this early life decision and am so happy and grateful to represent the Alumni Association as their president. I wish for all of you the joy this profession affords me and the pride of graduating from OHSU.

I joined the faculty part-time after a request from Dr. John Peterson in 1994. I had the opportunity to work with some of the faculty who trained me. I learned how dedicated they were and how dedicated current faculty need to be to keep OHSU running smoothly.

Having recently been asked to join the Alumni Board, I have come to respect the financial diligence needed to keep such a great institution running.

We have moved from that school on the hill to the waterfront. From that "new" school where my childhood dentist regaled me with stories of his summer job moving fixtures and furniture across the river into the school with its defining rotunda (very midcentury modern). Now, with great effort and philanthropy, we have a school for this century. Our work, however, is never done. We must continue to move forward into the future.

We will continue to support students with scholarships and events like the White Coat Ceremony and graduation. We will support our alumni with continuing education and reunions. And of course, networking opportunities for all. However, we can always use your help. If we all band together we can do great things. No donation is too small or insignificant. Please join me in supporting our cause and help make some young student's dreams, like mine, come true.

John Kloucek, D.M.D. '86
President, OHSU School of Dentistry Alumni Association

Alumni Association Board of Directors

Melissa Beadnell, D.M.D. '08 Rita Patterson, D.M.D. '91
Erica Bronitsky, D.M.D. '08 Lorin Rice, D.M.D, '80
Carly Christoferson, D.M.D. '19 Bruce Richardson, D.M.D. '77
Fay Gyapong Porter, D.M.D .'90 Susan Rustvold, D.M.D. '85, Ed.D.
Erin Hill, R.D.H '03 Rachel Hogan, D.M.D. '97
John Kloucek, D.M.D. '86 Don Sirianni, D.M.D. '64
Kyle Malloy, D.M.D. '13, D.M.S '16, R '16 Ronda Trotman, D.M.D. '96
Peter Morita, D.M.D '86 Chris Usinger, R.D.H. '77
Charlie Muraki, D.M.D. '12 Sydney Hoffman, Class of 2021 Representative
Jessica Liu, Class of 2022 Representative Brooks Hunsaker, Class of 2023 Representative
Marina Youssef, Class of 2024 Representative

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