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Instructor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation School of Medicine

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4.5 out of 5 (433 Ratings, 155 Comments)


  • Orthopaedic Surgery
  • Orthopaedics and rehabilitation

Special focus on

  • Spinal Surgery
  • Spine
  • Residency:

    • Philippine General Hospital, 2002
  • Fellowship:

    • Bone and cartilage transplantation and joint revision surgery, Brisbane Private Hospital and Queensland Bone Bank, Brisbane, Australia, 2004


  • English

Memberships and associations

  • Orthopaedic Trauma Association

Patient Ratings

4.5 out of 5 (433 Ratings, 155 Comments)

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Patient Comments

  • Dec 22, 2019

    He was very kind and gentle, and I have already recommended him to other people saying that we have somebody that we can go to. I definitely would come back to him - very very wonderful doctor. Thank you.

  • Dec 22, 2019

    Very professional, courteous, loved his attention to my needs - nice man, very good doctor - I would recommend him to anyone.

  • Dec 19, 2019

    This provider is excellent in communicating the details and helping you to understand what's going on. And I really appreciate it that he was able to clearly make sense of a situation that could otherwise been kind of confusing, but he was very educational and expertise.

  • Dec 19, 2019

    My doctor was very awesome and very thorough and just a very kind and comfortable person to be around. I definitely would love to go see him again.

  • Dec 17, 2019

    Well, I think it's a very good experience. very informational. 10 out of 10 good job. Thank you.

  • Dec 11, 2019

    The Dr was very informative and explained everything in a way that was easy to understand.

  • Dec 10, 2019

    The doctor was very kind as to how he took much time to show us my MRI's, explaining both reports in great detail. Taking a full and complete medical history as well a history of how this situation came to be. I want to believe that he also tried to understand me, deal with my prior history of MVA's, lifestyle and how I could use medicine, physical therapy, now take the next 4-5 months, without any surgery! He also developed a trust within me.....

  • Dec 07, 2019

    Dr Punsalan is very thorough and patient when explaining medical conditions.

  • Dec 05, 2019

    Hello, I think my meeting with the spine doctor. I'm sorry I can't read pronounce his name was one of the best meetings I've ever had with a doctor. He took meticulous time and I feel that he did a totally accurate thorough baseline evaluation of where my spine is and and you know, all of the things that are associated with that. I just can't tell you how impressed I was with this meeting. He he spent an hour and 15 minutes with me and I was just so pleased and I feel more confident about where I am and more knowledgeable and I just can't thank you enough.

  • Nov 23, 2019

    He listened to everything I had to say and I didn’t feel rushed. He was very thorough in his explanation and the remedies that I could seek.

  • Nov 22, 2019

    He is awesome, he takes the time to talk to me, he listens but most of all he talks about my problems and treatment and shows me in plain English. He gives me hope

  • Nov 22, 2019

    Yesterday, I had my appointment with Dr. Punsalan. Dr. Punsalan spent 1½ hours with me, with my wife in attendance. While he had received the radiologist’s report for the MRI of September 6, 2019, Dr. Punsalan had not received any readable images from Samaritan to examine and review with me. In spite of having his assistant quickly contact Samaritan in an attempt to receive the images prior to the end of the 1½ session, they did not arrive so Dr. Punsalan was hampered by Samaritan but proceeded.Dr. Punsalan was fantastic in reviewing a previous MRI to talk about my condition, along with issues of the back in general. At the end of the appointment, Dr. Punsalan committed to read the images once they are received. We also had an extensive discussion about the medications I am currently taking, side effects, and possible alternatives, including dosage changes and alternatives to Gabapentin, particularly Pregabalin and CBD oil. Dr. Punsalan's examination was thorough and comprehensive. His level of concern for all aspects of dealing with back and leg pain was top grade. He was directly and consistently engaged with me and not consumed with technology.

  • Nov 17, 2019

    This was a great experience. The doctor himself was very kind. He listened very well, was also very professional. And knowledgeable. And we went away feeling, wow, we're glad we came here. So we would recommend neighbors, friends. and I thought the care we received was Head and Shoulders over anything anywhere else. Thank you.

  • Nov 11, 2019

    Excellent professional he really knows what he's talking about.

  • Nov 09, 2019

    Explained things well

  • Nov 08, 2019

    He was wonderful! Great bedside manner, very informative, took his time and even gave me an alternative to try vs going under the knife.

  • Nov 06, 2019

    Dr Punsalan was very attentive to what I was talking about my two uncomfortable areas on my upper back. this is a follow up visit. He didnt gloss over what I was saying. He listened and gave me a lot of time to describe my misery. he is going to find out if I can get an MRI to make sure nothing has been missed. I feel less alone with my back discomfort because I can tell he is going a the extra mile to help me. His medical assistant was also engaging, nice and professional. A very good appointment.

  • Nov 05, 2019

    Dr. Punsalan was great. He took plenty of time to explain what was going on with me and what I could do about it. He was very personable. I highly recommend him.

  • Nov 01, 2019

    Terrific experience. He took a lot of time to fully examine and speak to me in a helpful, intelligent way. Dr Punsalon reviewed my test results thoroughly and gave excellent recommendations. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

  • Oct 27, 2019

    I was not happy about having to wait for over half an hour to see the doctor.

  • Oct 26, 2019

    Good reception and doctors/staff

  • Oct 25, 2019

    Very good,all concerns addressed,made me feel very other has addressed obvious hip problem in detail.Happy to have made the appt. at ohsu,however will likely have hip surgery in southern oregon.

  • Oct 23, 2019

    He was friendly and understandable. He looked at my MRI and listened to me reporting about my pain. He determined what is causing my pain is not my neck. That is a relief

  • Oct 23, 2019

    It was an expected follow-up and, like my initial visit, Dr. Punsalan was very engaging, thorough and accommodating. I feel that I have received excellent care & guidance.

  • Oct 18, 2019

    Clear explanation of my medical need

  • Oct 16, 2019

    I'm really grateful for the provider... taking the time for, with me and my father, helping me understand what the symptoms were and, also what they were not... as far as the spine goes he spent two hours with us and I felt like I was being heard... and he gave me... reasonable and logical solutions. And, he was just awesome, so I'm really grateful... for him treating me. Thank you.

  • Oct 16, 2019

    I liked how the doctor attended to me, thanks.

  • Oct 15, 2019

    Very thorough and patient. We felt very well informed after our visit and the doctor was kind and personable.

  • Oct 04, 2019

    The doctor was absolutely amazing took his time to explain everything to me that is a rare quality in doctors these days, I could not stop boasting about him to my friends! Whatever you do do not let this doctor go anywhere else....

  • Oct 04, 2019

    Very complete and compassionate care.

  • Sep 27, 2019

    Doctor was great. He was very nice explained everything wonderfully. Very professional but very courteous and very caring. Great with explaining everything to me had all my information there had looked at it ahead of time, which was a nice change with some my doctor's all-around. Great couldn't have been happier. Showed me the scans my neck both past and and current and and my low back as well. Everything was great.

  • Sep 26, 2019

    The doctor was really good. He explained all of our questions to us thoroughly

  • Sep 20, 2019

    Doctor is excellent. (INAUDIBLE). I appreciate their help. Thank you.

  • Sep 14, 2019

    He took time to explain what was going on with my back and how spina bifida affected it.

  • Sep 14, 2019

    Good experience overall. Dr.Punsalan took time to explain answered my questions and offered treatment options.

  • Sep 12, 2019

    My experience with Dr. Paolo Punsalan was great. He explained my medical condition using scientific result from a medical research paper. This was so helpful because now I can understand my condition and the level of my disc disease is normal for my age. I’m relieved for the first time in 10 years. Dr. Punsalan did explain the importance of core strength to maintain my spine. Thank you for the help.

  • Sep 11, 2019

    The doctor was very personable and explained things well. I felt very comfortable with him. I would continue going to him when required to.

  • Sep 10, 2019

    Doctor was very professional. Very courteous. Thank you me options, which was really nice. You didn't judge me. or say that I was doing things wrong. I would highly recommend him. He is very courteous very professional, and I really like the way you listen to my to what I said.

  • Sep 04, 2019

    Very informative about specific spinal parts and functions statistics also limitations in treatment

  • Sep 04, 2019

    I felt he was very informative and helped me to fully understand what is causing my issues.

  • Aug 30, 2019

    Excellent explained everything the best to me very detailed excellent doctor so happy

  • Aug 27, 2019

    He was friendly and explained everything thoroughly. He spent a lot of time showing me my xrays and MRI pics, pointing out specifics. He made sure I understood what he was explaining.

  • Aug 26, 2019

    The doctor was very educated about the subject that I came in for, and very, very knowledgeable, and took the time to explain very much how things work so that I could clearly understand.

  • Aug 24, 2019

    I appreciated Dr. Punsalan taking the time to review my medical history and answer all the questions that I had regarding my condition. I feel confident that I'm receiving top-notch medical guidance and care.

  • Aug 22, 2019

    Dr. Punsalan is an exceptional provider. I felt informed and empowered after my visit. He took the time to go over my x-rays with me ensuring that I understood where my challenges are and why I feel pain in particular areas. He explained treatment options, he listened to my concerns and answered my questions.

  • Aug 21, 2019

    He explained everything clearly and was a good listener and answered my questions.

  • Aug 20, 2019

    very thoughtful, compassionate, and thorough

  • Jul 31, 2019

    My experience was not a good one. The provider did not tell me anything more than I could have read on webMD or wikipedia. He gave me some explanation of how the spine works, but i already knew all of that. When i gave him feedback that I have been through this a lot and understand the broad concepts and have some specific questions, instead of listening to me and adjusting his monologue he just continued talking which felt like his rehearsed speech he tells everyone. disappointing.

  • Jul 30, 2019

    He was very attentive and helpful referring me a good orthotics clinic.

  • Jul 26, 2019

    Dr Punsalan was incredibly informative and has a great gift for explaining my complicated problems in a way I could understand. He had reviewed my test previous results in advance, which I really appreciated. I could not be more satisfied with his help.

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