OPDA Leadership

The OHSU Postdoctoral Association leadership team is an all-volunteer committee of postdocs dedicated to building the OHSU postdoc community. Below, meet the current officers, as well as former officers who served the OPDA.

If you're interested to get more involved in the association, please contact us at postdocinfo@ohsu.edu

Meet the 2019-2020 Officers

President: Thierno Madjou Bah


Treasurer: Chi Ngai Chan

Secretary: Casey Hoffman

Social Officer:

Career Development Officer: Chris Kocur

Research in Progress Officer: Robert Hermosillo

Communication Officer: Cristina Espinosa Diez

2017-2018 Officers

Jonathan Elliott

Jonathan Elliott - Co-chair
Department of Neurology
VA Portland Health Care System

My research background is in applied human physiology predominantly in the areas of exercise, environmental, and sleep. I completed my PhD at the University of Oregon and a two-year postdoctoral fellowship at the Mayo Clinic before moving to OHSU. I've been at OHSU since July 2016. I joined the OPDA because postdocs are a crucial component of the research-academic enterprise, and I wanted to be in a position to advocate for and support aspiring postdocs here at OHSU. You can normally find me in my lab throughout the workday, but I'm definitely at my most awake in the afternoon! 

Thierno Madjou Bah

Thierno Madjou Bah - Co-chair

Anesthesiology & Perioperative Medicine
Mackenzie Hall

I am originally from Guinea (Conakry, West Africa) and received my Ph.D. degree in 2011 from the University of Montreal in Biomedical Sciences. My research interest  at OHSU is investigating how sleep disruption after traumatic brain injury may impair glymphatic function and promote neurodegeneration. I have been at OHSU since April 2016. In my spare time, I like to shop and spend time with my family. My favorite book is Le monde de Sophie.

Cristina Espinosa

Cristina Espinosa - Communications Co-Officer

Cell, Developmental and Cancer Biology
Richard Jones Hall

I arrived to OHSU almost two years ago. I come from Spain where I did my Ph.D. in antioxidant responses in cardiovascular diseases. At OHSU, I am playing with microRNAs in tumor angiogenesis (aka tumor microenvironment). My day begins after the third coffee, so I am an evening person. I joined OPDA because I love to be involved and I wanted to do more for international postdocs like me. I love to do qPCR. When I plate it, it is just relaxing and it is like having a perfect music concert in my head. My favorite place around here is Powell´s. Books and coffee, what else do you need? I love traveling - that is how I discover the amazing Northwest.

Cristina also serves as the International Employee Resource Group Liaison for the OPDA.

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Yangmiao Zhang - Communications Co-Officer

Anna Brown

Anna Brown - Fundraising & Events Officer
OHSU/OSU College of Pharmacy
Collaborative Life Science Building

Though I'm an OSU Postdoc, I've been at OHSU for almost 2 years. I decided to join OPDA to connect with other postdocs around the campus. You can catch me in the lab in the afternoon or evenings. I'm not much of a morning person. I really like radiation, particularly X-rays and gamma rays. I love to go around any micro-roaster coffee shop on the East Side. I spend a lot of time hiking with my dogs, making soap and other cosmetics;I'm a chemist after all! I enjoy books on behavioral evolution and biological anthropology (I'm currently reading Demonic Males by Richard Wrangham and Dale Peterson).

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Robert Hermosillo - RIPSS Officer

Selda Yildiz

Selda Yildiz - Career Development Officer
Advanced Imaging Research Center
Biomedical Research Building 

I am from Turkey, where I got my BSc and MSc at Istanbul Technical University. I did my Ph.D. at UC San Diego and I spent some time as a postdoc at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, GA. I came to OHSU in May 2016. My research focus is to advance high-resolution neuro-MRI in the context of early pathophysiological changes associated with sleep and neurodegenerative disease using modalities of MRI and EEG. You can find me in the lab between 10:00am-3:00pm. I enjoy my weekends doing yoga, cooking, reading, playing pool, and hiking. When I am not conducting a long sleep scan experiment, I love to hang out at the Raven and Rose.

Anne Rocheleau

Anne Rocheleau - Women in Science Liaison
Biomedical Engineering
Center for Health and Healing

I came to OHSU in August 2016. Prior to OHSU, I was working for a year in the greater Boston area after getting my Ph.D. at Cornell in Ithaca, NY. During my Ph.D., my focus was the transport of neutrophils within the bloodstream during inflammation. Currently, I study platelets in the context of bleeding disorders. I am mostly a morning person and I love getting to learn all the time. For me it is stimulating to be around smart and interesting people. Here, in Oregon, I enjoy taking advantage of outdoor sports, especially skiing and hiking. I joined the OPDA because I want to help shape an organization that provides professional and social opportunities for the postdoc community; I am excited to meet postdocs across other departments and buildings.