Zhi Hu, Ph.D.

  • Senior Research Associate, OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine, School of Medicine


M.S., Central South University
Ph.D., Peking Union Medical College
Postdoctoral Fellow, University of California, San Francisco

Research Interests
Dr. Hu’s research interests are focused on building an efficient in vivo delivery system for siRNA drugs via different collaboration by using HER2 oncogene as an example which is attackable but resistant to current anti-HER drugs (only about 30% HER+ patients respond to Herceptin).

Selected Publications

Wang D., Huang J and Hu Z. RNA helicase DDX5 regulates microRNA expression and contributes to cytoskeletal reorganization in basal breast cancer cells. Mol Cell Proteomics. 2011(2):M111.011932.

Cancer Genome Atlas Research Network. Integrated genomic analyses of ovarian carcinoma. Nature. 2011;474(7353):609-15.

Heiser L.M., Sadanandam A., Kuo W.L., Benz S.C., Goldstein T.C., Ng S., Gibb W.J., Wang N.J., Ziyad S., Tong F., Bayani N., Hu Z., Billig J.I., Dueregger A., Lewis S., Jakkula L., Korkola J.E., Durinck S., Pepin F., Guan Y., Purdom E., Neuvial P., Haussler D., Stuart J., Gray J.W., Spellman P.T. Subtype and pathway specific responses to anti-cancer compounds in breast cancer. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA.109(8):2724-2729.

Hu Z., Huang G., Sadanandam A., Lenburg M.E., Gu S., Bayani N., Blakely E.A., Gray J.W., Mao J.H. The expression level of HJURP has an independent prognostic impact and predicts the sensitivity to radiotherapy in breast cancer. Breast Can Res. 2010;12(2):R18.

Lapuk A., Marr H., Jakkula L., Pedro H., Bhattacharya S., Purdom E., Hu Z., Simpson K., Pachter L., Durinck S., Wang N., Parvin B., Fontenay G., Speed T., Garbe J., Stampfer M., Bayandorian H., Dorton S., Clark T.A., Schweitzer A., Wyrobek A., Feiler H., Spellman P., Conboy J., Gray J.W. Exon-level microarray analyses identify alternative splicing programs in breast cancer. Mol Cancer Res.2010;8(7):961-74.



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