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Thomas G. DeLoughery MD, MACP, FAWM

Tom DeLoughery is a native Hoosier who graduated from Indiana State University in 1981 (one year after Larry Bird) and the Indiana University School of Medicine in 1985. He did his internship at the University of California, Irvine before traveling to Oregon where he finished his internal medicine residency and hematology/oncology fellowship.

He is currently a professor of medicine, pathology and pediatrics in the Divisions of Hematology/Oncology and Laboratory Medicine at OHSU. His clinical interests are in blood diseases, hemostasis, and thrombosis, subjects on which he has written extensively. He has won numerous teaching awards and has given education sessions to national meetings of many professional societies. He is the course director for the medical school Blood Course and was a co-developer of the Blood and Host Defense course for the New Curriculum.

He also has an interest in the hematologic aspects of sport and travel medicine and served six years on the board of directors of the Wilderness Medicine Society and has chaired their research committee. He is a master at the American College of Physicians and Fellows of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. This year the 3rd edition of his popular handbook Hemostasis and Thrombosis was published.

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  • M.D., Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis Indiana 1985
  • Residency:

    • Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, 1986-88
  • Fellowship:

    • Oregon Health & Science University, Portland, 1989-91
  • Certifications:

    • American Board of Internal Medicine, internal medicine (1988)

Memberships and associations

  • American Association of Blood Bankers


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