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Susan B. Olson Ph.D.

    • Professor of Molecular and Medical Genetics School of Medicine
    • Molecular and Medical Genetics Graduate Program School of Medicine
    • Program in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences School of Medicine

Dr. Olson`s special areas of interest include the role of chromosomal changes in fetal development and survival, cancer and genetic disease and the cellular and molecular basis of Fanconi Anemia. She currently is the Director of the Clinical Cytogenetic Laboratory at OHSU. Dr. Olson received her doctorate on 1984 from OHSU, which is also where she completed her fellowship in Medical Genetics-C.C.D.

  • Fellowship:

    • Medical Genetics-C.C.D., Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland

Memberships and associations

  • Clinical cytogenetics, 1987; Ph.D., Medical Genetics, 1987


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