Photo of Richard D. Press, M.D., Ph.D.

Richard D. Press M.D., Ph.D.

  •      (503) 494-8276
    • Professor of Pathology School of Medicine
    • Director, Molecular Pathology and Molecular Diagnostics Laboratories
    • Molecular Genetic Pathology Fellowship Program Director
    • Molecular and Medical Genetics Graduate Program School of Medicine
    • Program in Molecular and Cellular Biosciences School of Medicine

Dr. Press is the director of molecular pathology and the Molecular Diagnostics Center at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute, and program director for the molecular genetic pathology fellowship. His research interests include molecular diagnostic biomarkers in cancer and infectious diseases and prevalent genetic alterations in common diseases. Dr. Press received his M.D. and Ph.D. in 1988 at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.


  • B.A., Northwestern University, Evanston Illinois 1981
  • M.D., Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland Ohio 1988
  • Residency:

    • Pathology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • Fellowship:

    • Molecular pathology, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
  • Certifications:

    • Clinical Pathology, American Board of Pathology, 1992
    • Molecular Genetic Pathology, American Board of Pathology & American Board of Medical Genetics, 2001


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