Photo of Pierre T. Moenne-Loccoz, Ph.D.

Pierre T. Moenne-Loccoz Ph.D.

    • Associate Professor EH.Environmental & Biomolecular Systems

University of Oregon, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Chemistry, 1990-92

University College London, Department of Biology, 1992-93

OHSU/OGI School of Science & Engineering, 1994-95; Research Scientist, 1996-1999; Research Assistant Professor, 1999-2000; Assistant Professor, 2000-2007

Research interests: Structure-function relationships within proteins. Metalloenzymes and hemoproteins. Spectroscopic studies of enzymatic active sites, cofactors, and metal clusters. Reaction intermediates within catalysis. Nitric oxide in bioinorganic chemistry.

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  • "Biochemistry" Science December 17 2010

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