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Launa Rae Mathews R.N., M.S.

  • Portland Campus

    • Clinical Assistant Professor School of Nursing
    • I-CAN Program Manager

The profession of nursing has provided me with opportunities to explore a wide variety of practice areas with diverse populations. My clinical practice areas include cardiothoracic surgical ICU, coronary care, dialysis, school health, public health, occupational health and others. Through this practice journey I have experienced being a novice over and over again and have been frequently reminded of how the fundamentals of nursing are generalizable to all practice settings.

Currently, my passion is directed towards building community academic partnerships that focus on improving health outcomes. Partnering with local communities has led to the development of neighborhood clinical placements where nursing students and faculty collaborate with community members and agencies to address the community's priority health concerns. Neighborhoods provide a place to demonstrate new models and ways of thinking about where nurses are needed in communities to improve health outcomes. Additionally, neighborhood clinical placements provide a place for interprofessional students to collaborate and provide care coordination for people whose lives are bombarded with challenges related to social determinants of health.


  • B.S., Loma Linda University School of Nursing, Loma Linda California United States 1976
  • M.S., OHSU School of Nursing, Portland Oregon United States 1988
  • Fellowship:

    • Fellowship in School Nursing from University of Colorado School of Nursing, Boulder

Honors and awards

  • OHSU Faculty Senate Distinguished Faculty Awards Nominee, Outstanding Leadership, 2015
  • OHSU Faculty Senate Distinguished Faculty Awards Nominee, Outstanding Collaboration, 2011
  • Gresham Fire and Emergency Services, Community Award, 2014


Selected publications

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