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Kurt A. Freeman Ph.D., ABPP

  • (503) 346-0640
    • Professor of Pediatrics School of Medicine
    • Director Institute on Development and Disability School of Medicine
    • Fred Fax Professor of Pediatric Excellence

Dr. Freeman is the Director of OHSU's Institute on Development and Disability (IDD) within the Department of Pediatrics. In this capacity, he oversees a team of approximately 200 faculty and staff with expertise in developmental disabilities and special health needs. Through a multitude of centers and programs, the Institute emphasizes clinical care, research, public health, and education and training of future health care leaders.


  • Ph.D., West Virginia University 1999
  • Residency:

    • Clinical child and adolescent psychology, Father Flanagan’s Girls and Boys Home, Omaha NE
  • Certifications:

    • Oregon licensed psychologist
    • Board Certified, Child and Adolescent Psychology


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