Headshot photo of Joey Estabrook

Joey Estabrook


Joey Estabrook works as a computational biologist in the Pathway + Omics group led by Dr. Emek Demir.

Joey focuses on omic data integration, algorithm development, and utilizing rich pathway information to advance the understanding of cancer biology. Joey has developed a novel regulon enrichment algorithm that utilizes pathway and molecular interactions and mechanisms available through Pathway Commons to accurately infer aberrant transcription factor activity from gene expression data.

Within CEDAR, Joey serves as a CEDAR associate and is an active member of CEDAR's Computational hub. Joey led the development of a robust computational framework for the identification of biomarkers for risk stratification of early pancreatic premalignancy. This framework integrates transcriptomic and proteomic measurements and allows for the efficient and robust mapping of critical signaling networks that determine disease stability or progression. He also contributes to the development and maintenance of robust, open source work-flows for data analysis on distributed systems.

Education and training

  • Degrees

    • B.S., 2012, University of Oregon
    • M.S., 2014, University of Oregon



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