Photo of JoAnne Stoner, M.D.

JoAnne Stoner M.D.

    • Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Perioperative Medicine School of Medicine
  • Residency:

    • Bowman Gray School of Medicine in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
  • Fellowship:

    • Pediatric anesthesia and pediatric pain at Arkansas Childrens's Hospital in Little Rock


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  • "Caudal epidural butorphanol plus bupivacaine versus bupivacaine in pediatric outpatient genitourinary procedures" Journal of Clinical Anesthesia March 1997
  • "Ondansetron decreases postoperative vomiting in pediatric patients undergoing tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy" International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology July 1996
  • "Efficacy of parental application of eutectic mixture of local anesthetics for intravenous insertion" Pediatrics  1999
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  • "Butorphanol-mediated antinociception in mice" Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics September 1997
  • "Tight mask fit could have prevented 'airway' obstruction" Anesthesiology  1992

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