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Jens Kreth Ph.D.

  • (503) 418-2672

    Portland Campus

    • Associate Professor of Restorative Dentistry School of Dentistry

Dr. Kreth studies the complex interactions between members of the oral biofilm. Under healthy conditions the commensal oral flora maintains a beneficial homeostatic state protecting the host from diseases like caries. Host behavior and environmental conditions can promote a shift in the microbial composition of the oral biofilm. More pathogenic bacteria are able to increase in numbers and an overall decline in species diversity can be observed. On the molecular level, bacteria maintain the ecological balance by diverse interactions, both antagonistic and synergistic. The Kreth lab aims to identify and characterize the molecular details of these interactions to better understand disease development.


  • B.S., University of Osnabrueck Germany 1999
  • Ph.D., University of Osnabrueck Germany 2002

Memberships and associations

  • International Association for Dental Research (IADR)
  • American Society for Microbiology (ASM)


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