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Jack L Ferracane Ph.D.

  • (503) 494-4327

    Portland Campus

    • Professor of Restorative Dentistry School of Dentistry

Areas of interest

  • dental composites, dental resins, practice-based research, bioactive materials, oral biofilms, bioactive materials, biomaterials


  • B.S., University of Illinois Illinois 1978
  • M.S., Northwestern University Illinois 1981
  • Ph.D., Northwestern University Illinois 1983

Honors and awards

  • Elected to Omicron Kappa Upsilon, Honorary Dental Society
  • Honorary Member, Delta Chapter at OHSU
  • OHSU Faculty Senate Award for Outstanding Leadership, June, 2001
  • Wilmer Souder Award from the Dental Materials Group of the International Association for Dental Research, 2006
  • Honorary Professor, University of Birmingham School of Dentistry, Birmingham, UK, 2006
  • Honorary Member, Oregon Dental Association, November, 2011
  • Founders Award, Academy of Dental Materials, October, 2012
  • OHSU Faculty Senate Research Award, June, 2013
  • Honorary Member, American College of Dentists, October, 2013
  • Vice-President of the American Association for Dental Research, 2013 (Assumed presidency March 2016)
  • Hollenback Memorial Prize from the Academy of Operative Dentistry, 2016
  • Fellow, American Institute of Medical and Biological Engineers, 2016

Memberships and associations

  • American Association for Dental Research (AADR) Member (1979 - present)
  • Academy of Dental Materials Fellow (1983 - present)
  • IADR Dental Materials Group Chapter - America (Member 1979 - present)
  • American Dental Education Association (ADEA) Member (2005-current)
  • International Association for Dental Research Member (1979 - present)


Selected publications

  • 1. Hyun HK, Salehi S, Gwinner F, Ferracane JL. Biofilm formation affects surface properties of novel bioactive glass-containing composites. Dent Mater. 31(12):1599-608, 2015. PMID: 26590029

  • 2. Ferracane JL, Hilton TJ. Polymerization stress - Is it clinically meaningful? Dent Mater. 32(1):1-10, 2016. PMID: 26220776

  • 3. Khvostenko D, Hilton TJ, Ferracane JL, Mitchell JC, Kruzic JJ. Bioactive glass fillers reduce bacterial penetration into marginal gaps for composite res orations. Dent Mater. 32(1):73-8, 2016. PMID: 26621028


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