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Benjamin J. Morasco Ph.D.

Dr. Morasco is a Staff Psychologist at the VA Portland Health Care System and Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at OHSU. He conducts clinical research on issues related to chronic pain, with interests in improving pain treatment outcomes in patients with co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. He is currently funded by grants from NIH, Department of Veterans Affairs, and PCORI to conduct clinical and observational trials designed to improve pain treatment outcomes and enhance the safety of common chronic pain interventions. Dr. Morasco also provides clinical services in the substance use disorder specialty clinic at the Portland VA.


  • B.A., University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls Iowa United States 1997
  • M.A., John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York, New York New York United States 1999
  • Ph.D., Saint Louis University, St. Louis Missouri United States 2003
  • Internship:

    • University of Wisconsin Hospital and Clinics, 2003
  • Fellowship:

    • Postdoctoral Fellowship in health psychology. Hartford Hospital/Institute of Living. Hartford, Connecticut 2004
    • Postdoctoral Fellowship in addictive behaviors. University of Connecticut Health Center. Farmington, Connecticut 2005


Selected publications

  • Morasco BJ, Duckart JP, Dobscha SK. Adherence to clinical guidelines for opioid therapy for chronic pain in patients with substance use disorder. Journal of General Internal Medicine 2010;26:965-971.

  • Morasco, B.J., Gritzner, S., Lewis, L., Oldham, R., Turk, D.C., & Dobscha, S.K. (2011). Systematic review of prevalence, correlates, and treatment outcomes for chronic non-cancer pain in patients with comorbid substance use disorder. Pain, 152, 488-497.

  • Morasco, B.J., Corson, K., Turk, D.C., & Dobscha, S.K. (2011). Association between substance use disorder status and pain-related function following 12 months of treatment in primary care patients with musculoskeletal pain. The Journal of Pain, 12, 352-359.

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  • Nugent SM, Yarborough BJ, Smith NX, Dobscha SK, Deyo RA, Green CA, Morasco BJ. Patterns and correlates of medical cannabis use for pain among patients prescribed long-term opioid therapy. General Hospital Psychiatry 2018;50:104-110.

  • Nugent SM, Morasco BJ, O'Neil ME, Freeman M, Low A, Kondo K, Elven C, Zakher B, Motu'apuaka M, Paynter R, Kansagara D. The effects of cannabis among adults with chronic pain and an overview of general harms: A systematic review. Annals of Internal Medicine 2017;167:319-331.

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