Photo of Alexander Kain, Ph.D.

Alexander Kain Ph.D.

  • Portland Campus

    • Assistant Professor of School of Medicine
    • Center for Spoken Language Understanding School of Medicine
    • Computer Science and Engineering Graduate Program School of Medicine

I study the analysis, processing, and synthesis of biological signals, with a focus on human speech. The results of my speech research lead to improved scientific understanding about speech production and perception with regards to intelligibility, and to technical innovations that may improve the quality of life for individuals with speech disorders in the future. My current projects include creating a computer-based pronunciation analysis system for children with speech sound disorders, enhancing a Text-to-Speech system to allow it to mimic its operator's voice, and developing an unobtrusive screening method for sleep apnea based on sleep sounds.

As an instructor for the Computer Science & Engineering and Electrical Engineering Graduate Programs, Prof. Kain teaches these courses:

CS/EE 627 Data Science Programming

EE 530/634 Speech Synthesis

EE 658 Signal Processing

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