Tales from the heart: Healthy Hearts Northwest project leaders reflect on lessons learned

Founding ORPRN Director LJ Fagnan, MD, writes on how practice facilitation benefits rural primary care in a recent post on the Kaiser Permanente Washington Health Research Institute’s “Healthy Findings” blog.

The August 31 post, titled “Rural health equity through practice facilitators,” grew out of his experiences as the PI for the Health Hearts Northwest study (H2N) and a recently published study on the project. In the blog post, Dr. Fagnan details the important role rural primary care practices hold in their communities and how practice facilitation can support these independent practices in a way that creates sustainable positive changes in the practice and better health in the community. 

Read the blog post here

The H2N study was part of an AHRQ project that united seven regional hubs to work with more than 1,500 primary care practices to improve the delivery of heart health services in their communities. The results are part of a continuing body of evidence that shows providing support to primary care practices improves their capacity to improve quality of care.

AHRQ has posted a series of four videos that feature representatives from some of these hubs, including ORPRN’s Caitlin Dickinson, MPH, sharing the challenges and successes of partnering with primary care. 

Access the videos here.