Community Engagement

Purpose: All Oregonians – including Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Department of Human Service clients, consumers, and employees – have the opportunity to take care of themselves by eating well, staying active, and living tobacco free, regardless of income, education, job title, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, physical ability, mental health, or substance-use status.

Context: Cross Agency Health Improvement Project is a partnership between DHS and Oregon Health Authority to improve the health of our clients, consumers, and employees.

Oregon Office on Disability and Health Impact: Improving collaboration and offering technical assistance to introduce policies, systems, and environmental changes that are inclusive and accessible

Reach: 1.4M consumers served/yr by Oregon Health Authority/DHS; 11,000 employees total

Contact: OODH

Purpose: The Council's main purpose is to oversee the development of Health Share Community Health Needs Assessment, Community Health Improvement Plan, and to serve as a liaison between the community and Health Share leadership.

Context: Health Share Board of Directors chartered the Community Advisory Council to help HS remain responsive to consumer and community health needs.

Oregon Office on Disability and Health Impact: Ensures the priority needs of people with disabilities is represented in the Community Health Needs Assessment and implemented in the Community Health Improvement Plan.

Reach: ~300,000 Oregon Medicaid consumers

Contact: OODH

Purpose: The purpose of the Health Equity Policy Committee is to serve Oregon Health Policy Board and OHA's Office of Equity and Inclusion to assure that state-wide policy-making and program-improvement processes eliminate health disparities and achieve health equity for all Oregonians.

Context: The Oregon Health Policy Board serves as the policy-making and oversight body of the Oregon Health Authority. Oregon Health Policy Board provides Oregon Health Authority with an Action Plan for Health, which creates a framework that focuses on root causes of poor health outcomes, social determinants of health, health equity, and use of evidence-based approaches. Oregon Health Policy Board also builds out improvements to care coordination and data collection.

Oregon Office on Disability and Health Impact: Represents the health disparities prevalent among Oregonians with disabilities and offers insight to their root causes to ensure policy-making and program-improvement processes address these root causes.

Reach: ~4.2M Oregonians who access health system through various services

Contact: OODH

Purpose: The purpose of the Oregon Health and Outdoor Initiative is to improve health and conservation outcomes for all Oregonians by increasing the presence of, access to, and use of parks, nature, and the outdoors. Target communities are those experiencing inequities, including communities of color, low-income communities, people with disabilities, the very young, elders, and other vulnerable populations.

Context: The Oregon Health and Outdoor Initiative works with the Governor's Office, the Oregon Outdoor Initiative, the Oregon Office of Outdoor Recreation, and stakeholders in health and conversation to align the health sector, conservation sector, tourism sector, and policy makers to make the health benefits of the Oregon outdoors accessible for everyone.

Oregon Office on Disability and Health Impact: Oregon Office on Disability and Health educates, informs, and offers technical assistance to urban and regional planners about natural and built-environment barriers that people with mobility impairments experience accessing the outdoors and outdoor recreational activities.

Reach: 4 million Oregonians and tourists

Contact: OODH

Purpose: The purpose is to secure economic, social, legal, and political justice for individuals with disabilities through systems change.

Context: The Oregon Disabilities Commission is a governor-appointed commission of 15 members that is housed in the Department of Human Services. The Oregon Disability Commission acts as a coordinating link for public and private organizations that are serving individuals with disabilities.

Oregon Office on Disability and Health Impact:  Improving collaboration and offering technical assistance to introduce policies, systems, and environmental changes that are inclusive and accessible

Reach: ~25% of Oregon population (1.2M)

Contact: OODH

Purpose: Oregon State University Extension works in collaboration with schools, partners, and communities to support the statewide Outdoor School program that enriches 5th and 6th graders' educational experience through hands-on activities in an outdoor setting.

Context: In July 2017, the Oregon Legislature formally approved $24 million for the statewide Outdoor School program over the next two years. This followed Oregon voters' approval of Ballot Measure 99 in November 2016, which designated funding, and adoption of Senate Bill 439, codified into law as Oregon Revised Statute ORS327.390, by the 2015 Oregon Legislature, which directed OSU Extension to assist School Districts and Education Service Districts to provide a statewide Outdoor School program.

Oregon Office on Disability and Health Impact: To ensure all curriculum, Policies, Programs, Systems and Environments of the Oregon Outdoor Education Program are inclusive and accessible to all Oregon students who choose to participate, as well as teachers and support staff.

Reach: 50,000 Oregon 6th graders; 3,000 high school leaders

Contact: OODH