Oregon Office of Rural Health

Survey Invitation: Veteran + Military Project ECHO

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is considering developing a new area of Project ECHO programming, specific to military personnel. There are approximately 290,000 veterans living in Oregon, along with many individuals serving in the National Guard and Reserve Components of the U.S. Armed Forces. OHA is committed to improving access to appropriate and culturally competent behavioral health services for veterans and military service members in Oregon. 

The expansion of Project ECHO is being proposed as part of OHA’s response to the nineteen recommendations included in the Oregon Veterans Behavioral Health Improvement Study.

To most effectively develop and launch this new area of programming, OHA is asking behavioral health and physical health  providers for assistance. Please click on this link to complete a brief survey indicating your interest in this new area of programming. This survey is scheduled to close on Friday, August 21, 2020.

ECHO programming is anticipated to last six months, inclusive of two online meetings a month (one hour each), for a total of twelve sessions.