Oregon Office of Rural Health

Medicaid Wraparound Payment Data Template Update for RHCs

In an effort to ensure complete processing of Rural Health Clinic Medicaid Wraparound payments, it is required that both the “Cover Page” and “Raw Data” tabs must be completed on the provider Wraparound Data Template. The information on these tabs is important to the process and impacts the accuracy of payments. 

For additional questions about Medicaid Wraparound payments, please contact Eric Larson, Fiscal Auditor, Oregon Health Authority,  eric.larson@dhsoha.state.or.us |503-945-5991.

For additional general resources and technical assistance with RHC items, please refer to the ORH RHC Resources & Technical Assistance web page, or contact Office of Rural Health staff Rebecca Dobert | dobert@ohsu.edu | 503-494-6627, or Stacie Rothwell | rothwells@ohsu.edu | 503-494-4450.