Oregon Office of Rural Health

Help Re-Write the Story of Women Veterans and the VA

Among women Veterans, more than half do not use VA services. Researchers with the VA Office of Women’s Health are interested in learning why.

The VA Office of Women’s Health is looking for women Veterans who:

  • Live in rural areas

AND have either

  • Never enrolled in VA healthcare or
  • Never used VA healthcare or
  • Have not used VA healthcare in the past five years

These Veterans will take part in one virtual 1.5-hour focus group with other women Veterans.

Veterans who participate in the focus group can expect to:

  1. Meet with VA researchers and other rural women Veterans.
  2. Talk about their perspectives and needs related to VA healthcare.
  3. Suggest how the VA can best communicate with rural women Veterans about VA healthcare.
  4. Be compensated for their time and effort ($50).
  5. Receive resources to learn more about VA women’s healthcare services following the focus group.

Why is this project being done?
Sharing your perspectives, experiences, insights and suggestions can help the VA to ensure that their projects and services are responsive to women Veterans’ needs.

Join from the comfort of your home.
We strive to listen to ALL veterans who want to be heard. Technology like Zoom and our telephones can help us ensure that distance will never be a problem.

Diversity is important.
We believe that our community is enriched and enhanced by diversity along a number of dimensions, including different abilities and disabilities, race, ethnicity and national origins, gender identity and expression, sexuality, class and religion. We are committed to increasing the representation of these populations and encourage women from all backgrounds to volunteer to participate in this focus group.

Interested in joining or have questions?

This project is funded by the VA Office of Women’s Health. To learn more about this office and the study team members please visit: Rocky Mountain MIRECC, VA Office of Women's Health and Seattle-Denver COIN.