Oregon Office of Rural Health

Gratitude for Healthcare Heroes

As you well know, this month marks the one-year anniversary of a time we will remember as devastating, challenging, and exhausting. Yet, despite it all, there was tremendous heroism, resilience, determination, and innovation. There are many folks deserving of recognition, but this month the Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation wants to acknowledge our healthcare heroes: those nurses, doctors, frontline staff, and caregivers who have been fighting COVID-19 up close and personal.

As a small gesture of enormous gratitude, the Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation is happy to announce a grant of up to $25,000 for Oregon and Washington nonprofit 501(c)(3) healthcare providers. They hope this grant can be used to celebrate, support, and encourage our frontline healthcare teams after a year of depleting and often thankless work. They know there is no gratitude sufficient for what these folks have done for us – our families, our neighbors, our colleagues, our friends – but the Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation hopes they can do something to make these lives a little easier, healthier, happier, or appreciated. 

You know your teams best – maybe a coffee cart, or therapy animals, or restaurant gift cards might be a bright spot in their day. the Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation hopes this funding opportunity might support something along those lines (but certainly not restricted to those ideas). You can learn more about the grant by visiting www.marielamfrom.org/frontline. If you decide to apply, you can do so here. The Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation will award grants until the fund is depleted, reviewing applications in the order they are received, beginning Thursday, April 1.

Please feel no obligation to apply but do kindly extend our most sincere gratitude to your colleagues for their service to this community.

Questions and contact

Tyler Hobbs
Director, Foundation Operations
Marie Lamfrom Charitable Foundation
P: 503. 496.7050  | tyler@marielamfrom.org