Oregon Office of Rural Health

EMSC Distributes Statewide Pediatric Restraint Systems

In 2019, when the Oregon Health Authority Emergency Medical Services (OHA EMS) program surveyed EMS transport agencies, many rural and frontier agencies were in need of appropriately sized pediatric restraint systems in their ambulances. Oregon Administrative Rule 333-255-0072(2)(r) requires ground ambulances to carry, “Appropriately-sized child restraint system(s) that, at a minimum, covers a weight range of between 10 and 99 pounds.”

In 2020, the Oregon Emergency Medical Services for Children Program received a $22,000 grant from the Oregon Department of Transportation to provide pediatric restraint systems to Oregon rural and frontier EMS ground transport agencies. In July, 38 agencies were awarded a total of 93 Ferno Pedi-Mate Plus pediatric restraint systems, which are being shipped directly to recipients along with additional educational resources.

Many thanks to the OHA EMS programs and their continuing work to support resources for Oregon’s rural and frontier agencies!

For questions about this or other OHA EMSC programs, please contact Rachel Ford, MPH, Emergency Medical Services for Children Program Coordinator | 971-673-0564 | rachel.l.ford@state.or.us