Oregon Office of Rural Health

2021 Oregon Rural Health Conference Instructions for Speakers

2021 Conference Speakers

The Oregon Office of Rural Health thanks you for being a speaker at the 38th Annual Oregon Rural Health Conference, held at the Riverhouse on the Deschutes in Bend, Oregon, from October 27 through noon on October 29.

Information and Disclosure for CE Application: Time Sensitive

You will receive an email from CME@OHSU.edu with a link for you to complete your Conflict of Interest Disclosure. This process is very fast – about 30 seconds, on average, so please follow the link in the email as soon as possible. Many financial relationships, such as employment with a health care organization, are not conflicts of interest by the ACCME definition. If you have any questions about what constitutes a conflict, please contact Laura Potter


We ask all presenters to register themselves for the conference. Please register yourself for the workshop at which you will be speaking. The dollar amount will appear on the form; however, when you input the coupon code at the end of the form, your registration will be complimentary. The coupon code was emailed to you – please ask Laura Potter for it if you need it. Please do not share this code with anyone else. Generally, if there are several speakers from the same organization, only one person’s registration is complimentary, and the others should pay for their registration. This policy is applicable to expense reimbursement as well (see below).

Additional Speakers

Our speakers tend to be highly collaborative people, who work well with others! We know that you will do a wonderful job at your session, without adding any unplanned  speakers. Unfortunately, the addition of unplanned speakers creates financial and logistical problems for us. Please refrain from inviting any unplanned speakers to join you in making your presentation without consulting us first. No additional speakers may be invited under any circumstances after October 1, 2021, although we can make a substitution in the case of an emergency.


The Oregon Office of Rural Health has a block of rooms at the Riverhouse on the Deschutes with reduced ratesYou are responsible to make your own reservation. The room block fills up quickly, so reserve your room ASAP to get the hotel room that meets your needs.

Reimbursement for Travel Costs

The Oregon Office of Rural Health will reimburse one speaker per session for mileage, one night of lodging, and meals not included at the conference. If you are a solo speaker, or you are one of multiple speakers and have been designated to request reimbursement, please complete the reimbursement form following the conference. Please send it back to us no later than November 15, 2021.

Presentation Formats and Deadlines

Many presenters use PowerPoint presentations, though this is not required. We suggest that you do not embed videos in your presentation, as problems often occur with them. We request that presentations are sent to us via email no later than October 5, 2021. If your file is too large for email, we will invite you to upload it to the OHSU Box folder, which can handle larger files.

Presentation Publication to the Oregon Office of Rural Health Website

We will publish a PDF version of your presentation and your handouts on our website following the conference unless you direct us not to do so. Simply send an email to Laura Potter if you do not want your PDF’d presentation posted on the website.

On-site Audio/Visual (A/V) and Final Presentation Check

The Oregon Office of Rural Health will provide the following equipment:

  • The LCD projector and screen;
  • A remote clicker/pointer;
  • One PC laptop the meeting room. You may not use your own laptop;
  • Either a lavalier microphone or a handheld microphone.

We will provide you with information no later than one week prior to the event about when and where you are scheduled to meet your A/V support person for a final presentation check prior to your session.

Contact Information Made Available to Registrants

The Oregon Office of Rural Health provides names and emails of all registrants, including those of speakers, to all registrants, unless you select to opt out. You will have an opportunity to opt out of having your email address shared on the registration form. Use the registration form to indicate if you want to opt out of sharing your email address.

Whova App: How to Add or Modify Your Profile

Our app, Whova, has both a desktop version and a mobile version.  This year, the mobile version will get the most traffic. Search for Whova on your app store, and then for “38th Annual Oregon Rural Health Conference.”  Your invitation code has been emailed to you – please ask Laura Potter for it if you need it. If you were a speaker last year, your profile will already be there, and you can modify it as you wish.