Oregon Office of Rural Health

2020 Oregon Rural Health Conference Instructions for Speakers

2020 Oregon Rural Health Conference

The Oregon Office of Rural Health (ORH) thanks you for being a speaker at the 37th Annual Oregon Rural Health Conference! This webpage will be updated with further information for you as it becomes available.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure

You will receive an email from the OHSU CE office with a link to the disclosure form.  It takes literally well under a minute to complete. If you have any questions about whether a financial relationship constitutes a conflict of interest, please reach out to Laura Potter |potterla@ohsu.edu | to discuss.  Most financial relationships, such as employment relationships in healthcare industries, do not constitute conflicts.

Presentation Formats and Deadlines

The format for this year’s virtual conference is as follows:

  • We will give each speaker an individual deadline by which we need to receive your PowerPoint presentation, if you are using one, as well as your short bio (three to four sentences) and photo for our conference website and app.
  • We are prerecording all presentations. We ask that you be present when your session is played back for conference; there will be a short, live Q&A (moderated by one of our staff) after the prerecorded video airs. Here is a short list of suggestions for how to make your recording as visually engaging as possible.
  • The complete timeframe for each presentation is 50 minutes, including short introductions at the beginning and Q&A at the end. We suggest 40 minutes for the recorded portion of your presentation, leaving the final 10 minutes for Q&A.
  • Our staff will work with you to schedule a time to prerecord your session over the summer and early fall. They will also help make sure the presentation is optimal for the recording. All can be done remotely--you do not have to travel anywhere.
  • ORH staff will be virtually at your side to provide facilitation during the live Q&A portion of your session. Staff will have some prepared questions to get the Q&A rolling among participants, and we would be delighted to have your ideas about the questions that should be asked.
  • OHSU staff will manage the technology behind the scenes, answering any technical questions attendees may have, and generally making sure that things flow smoothly. 
  • You will log into your session at least 15 minutes before its scheduled air time on the day of the event. As soon as your recorded presentation ends, you will appear live before the attendees and OHSU staff will make the transition for you. The only thing you need to do is ensure that your camera and microphone are on. In addition to the questions your ORH staff have prepared ahead of time, he or she will ask you questions the audience has typed into the chat box. Your ORH staff person will also wrap up the session.

ORH will add a few slides to your presentation to thank its partners for their support and explain the process by which attendees can ask questions.

Presentation Publication and Posting of Presentation to the Oregon Office of Rural Health Website

We will publish a PDF version of your presentation on our website following the conference, with your permission. We will post the recording of the full session, from introductions through Q&A, presentation to our website after adding closed captioning.

Audio/Visual (A/V)

OHSU staff will work with you on strategies to minimize bandwidth competition during your recording session and your live session, and to make sure that your final presentation runs as smoothly as possible for attendees.

Contact Information Made Available to Registrants

ORH provides names and emails of all registrants, including those of speakers, to all registrants, unless you select to opt out. You will have an opportunity to opt out of having your email address shared on the registration form. 

We also have an event app, which is how our attendees can connect with each other and with you, without direct access to your email address.


Laura Potter | potterla@ohsu.edu | 503-334-9776 (cell). You can always leave a message at 503-494-5244 as well and we will return your call promptly.