Research publications

Selected 2021 Publications

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Health Impact Safety Guides

  • Health Impacts Safety toolbox and safety meeting guides have been developed to support organizations integrating workplace safety, health, wellness and well-being. Each Total Worker Health™ guide can be downloaded and printed freely. Listed below are the guides and additional resources that you may find useful to support the guides. Email us with comments and feedback about the guides.
  • Watch a video to learn more about how to use the guides. Download our master guide list

Updated Jan. 2018:

TWH 8: What's stress got to do with it?

TWH 8: (Spanish)

Additional resources:

TWH 10: Distracted Driving/Safe Driving

TWH10: Manejar distraído

    Additional resources

TWH 11: What's respect got to do with it?
TWH 11: Spanish version - coming soon

    Additional resources

TWH 12: What's mindfulness got to do with it?
TWH 12: Spanish version coming soon

    Additional resources

  • OccHealthSci 2015 recorded symposium: Mindfulness and Total Worker Health
  • OccHealthSci Resource Directory: Total Worker Health Topic, Best Practices - Mindfulness subtopic

These guides were developed by Dede Montgomery, Fred Berman, Anjali Rameshbabu, and reviewed by: Steven Shea, Kent Anger, Ryan Olson, Amanda McCullough, Brad Wipfli, Illa Gilbert-Jones, Diane Elliott, Kerry Kuehl, Leslie Hammer, and David Hurtado.
Oregon Institute of Occupational Health Sciences, OHSU and Oregon Healthy Workforce Center.

Special thanks to Edgard Ramirez and SAIF Corporation for their assistance with Spanish translations. SAIF is a NIOSH Total Worker HealthTM Affiliate.

OR-FACE publications

Other publications

Download PDF [2.1 MB] Vol. 21, #2, 2014
Director Shea receives distinguished service award
Kent Anger wins faculty senate award
Health consequences of sedentary work
...and more....

CROET's Best of the blog issue
Download PDF [2.5 MB] Vol. 21, #1, 2013
HazCom: Out with the old, In with the new
Diane Rohlman takes associate professor position at Iowa
CROET scientists develop new assay
ORhwc Partners' luncheon
2012 CROET Publications
CROET/PSU Symposium on workplace aggression
CROET's Toxicology Information Center

Download PDF [2.5 MB] Vol.20, #2, 2012
Dr. Steven Shea named new CROET Director
June symposium on Green Chemistry
O[yes] Selects Video Contest Winners
CROET Research on Truck Driver Ergonomics
CROET on Social Media
Dr. Buxton Speaks on Effects of Sleep on Health
What's New from OR Face
Let's Get Healthy Visits Bend

Download PDF [3.2 MB] Vol. 20, #1, 2012
CROET Awarded New Center of Excellence Grant
Let's Get Healthy! Hosts Curriculum Development Workshop
OR-FACE Releases 2008 Annual Report
Safety in Transportation
Let's Get Healthy! Partners with Asian Health & Services Center

Download PDF [2.5 MB] Vol. 19 #2, 2011
CROET Symposium Addresses Innovations in Communications and Messaging
Dede Motgomery Earns Safety Professional of the Year Award
CROET Scientists Publish Top 25 Article
SHIFT Program Awarded 5-year Grant

Download PDF [4.2 MB] Vol. 19 #1, 2011
CROET and OR OSHA Issue Alerts Regarding Formaldehyde
"Safe Workplace, Safe Home" Pesticide Safety Training
OCHE Reveives 2010 CROET Oregon Occupational Health Nurses Award
Let's Get Healthy! Visits Local Schools
NPIC Provides Info on Bed Bugs

Download PDF [3.2 MB] Vol 18 #2, 2010
CROET Spring Symposium "Creating a Healthy Workforce"
CROET Financial Analyst Lynn Rowell
OR-FACE Publishes New Logging Safety Booklets
OHSU Health Discoveries Program: Let's Get Healthy!

Download PDF [2.6 MB] Vol 18 #1, 2010
Spencer Takes Global Health Center Directorship
CROET/OR-OSHA Sponsor 2020 Symposium
Aging Workforce Addressed in CROET/PSU Symposium
Ryan Olson Wins Award

Download PDF [2.5 MB] Vol 17 #2, 2009
Oregon FACE Program Hosts National Meeting
Reaching Out to Refugees
Summer Work Hazards

Download PDF [3.6 MB] Vol 17 #1 2009
Focus on Work-Family Stress
Awards Presented
Flavoring Agent Potential Risk to Cooks
Commission Approves Revised Water Quality Std

Download PDF [1.9 MB] Vol 16 #2, 2008
Promoting Diversity and Excellence at CROET
Dr. Sabri Retires
CROET Contributes to Global Health
Three from CROET Win Awards

Download PDF [2.3 MB] Vol 16 #1, 2008
Dr. Pam Lein Receives NIH Chemical Agent Countermeasures Grant
Domestic Violence in the Workplace
Linda Ruggiero Receives Award
CROET Exhibits at Body Worlds 3
Oregon FACE Focuses on Young Worker Safety

Download PDF [4.3 MB] Vol 15 #2, 2007
CROET Researcher's Goal: to Develop Effective Occupational Safety & Health Interventions
CROET Sponsors Occcupational Health Nursing Worksite Award
CROET Welcomes Three New Researchers: Dr. Harvey Mohrenweiser, Dr. Elena Herrero Hernández, and Dr. Jackilen Shannon

Download PDF [460 KB] Vol 15 #1, 2007
What Can Fruit Flies Tell Us About Neurodegenerative Disease?
CROET Faculty Member Joins Prestigious NIH Review Panel
CROET Toxicology Information Center (TIC) Moves to New Location
Student Intern Earns Award at International Science Competition
Chelation Challenge: Is this an appropriate way to diagnose mercury poisoning?

Download PDF [2.5 MB] Vol 14 #2, 2006
CROET Sponsors June Safety Symposium
OHSU Students Organize Annual International Health Conference
Global Health Links: Research Capacity Building, Training and Teaching Opportunities in the Developing World
CROET Trains Thai Researchers in Microscopy and Toxicogenomics Methods
Health Risks from Occupational Vibration

Download PDF [1.4 MB] Vol 14 #1, 2006
CROET Scientists Developing New Preventative for Sunlight-Induced Skin Cancer
CROET's Dan Austin Speaks at BIOCOMM 2005
CROET Co-Sponsors International Symposium
Hazards of Hydrofluoric Acid
CROET Co-Sponsors OS&H Conference

Download PDF [1.9 MB] Vol 13 #2, 2005 Achieving a Higher Level of Usability for Professionals and the General Public
CROET Scientist Working with Northwest Tribes to Address Fish Contamination Issues
CROET Student Intern Earns 2nd Place Award at 2005 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair
The Hazards of Noise in the Workplace

Download PDF [1.18 MB] Vol 13 #1, 2005
OR-FACE: Working to Prevent Workplace Fatalities
CROETweb Information Resources
CROET Establishes International Partnerships
Dr. Sabri Recognized for Saturday Academy Mentorship

Download PDF [826 KB] Vol 12 #2, 2004
cTRAIN Stops in Southern Oregon, Provides Orchard Safety Training
CROET Scientists Participate in 2004 Brain Fair
Issues: Nutritional Hair Analysis

Download PDF [237 KB] Vol 12 #1, 2004
Nanobiotechnology: Developing Miniaturized Neural Prostheses
Diagnostic Devices and Drugs
Manganese, Welders, and Parkinson's Disease

Download PDF [348 KB] Vol 11 #2, 2003
CROET Research Tackles Musculoskeletal Injuries
Medication in the Workplace

Download PDF [1.3 MB] Vol 11 #1, 2003
CROET Scientists Reveal Unusual Properties of Organic Solvents
Illicit Methamphetamine Laboratories

Download PDF [808 KB] Vol 10 #2, 2002
How CROET's Research Helps Oregon
Become a Savvy Surfer: Your Guide to Evaluating Health-Related Websites

Download PDF [2.8 MB] Vol 10 #1, 2002
CROET Named to $3 Million Research Consortium
What is toxicogenomics?
Occupational Exposure to Paint

Download PDF [900 KB] Vol 9 #3, 2001
Feature: Sleep Cycles
Issue: Radon

Download PDF [4.4 MB] Vol 9 #2, 2001
CROET's Applied Research Focuses on Oregon
Molds in Our Indoor Environment

Download PDF [4.7 MB] Vol 9 #1, 2001
Feature: CROET Awarded a Superfund Basic Research Grant
What's new on our web site
Cell Phone safety

Download PDF [4.7 MB] Vol 8 #1, 2000
Feature:CROET Hosts Mini-Symposium on Cancer
The Body's Inner Clock
New Carissa

Download PDF [3.9 MB] Vol 7 #2, 1999
Feature:The Banker lab
What's New in Neuroscience
Back Injury Treatments

Vol 7 #1, 1999
CROET Scientist Hits Funding Home Run
Violence in the Workplace
Shift Work

Vol 6 #3, 1998
Research speeds nerve recovery
Health and Safety in the 21st Century workplace
CROET's summer student research program
Globalization and the Oregon workforce

Vol 6 #2, 1998
CROET's 21st century symposium: Health and Safety in the next Century
Mercury is still a very dangerous chemical
Triangle Shirtwaist fire: The day that changed occupational safety legislation (1911).

Vol 6 #1, 1998
Dr. McCauley's Farmworkers' Families (migrant) study of pesticide exposure in workers' and growers' homes, adverse effects of pesticides, and educational programs on reducing exposures.
The dose makes the poison, a one-page primer in the basics of toxicology.
Illegal (and very dangerous) use of methyl parathion in homes and offices.

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