More Tip Sheets and Toolkits

Parents tell us...

"I am so glad we have that durable medical equipment tip sheet.  I have used it several times."

"The Autism Speaks toolkits have helped so much."  

"I love things written by other parents; they are so much easier to read.  They talk about things that I relate to."  

Condition-specific toolkits

Autism Speaks: Autism toolkits

Oregon Commission on Autism Spectrum Disorder:

Autism navigation Cascades map

Autism navigation Mid-Valley map

Autism navigation Portland Metro map

Autism navigation Southern OR map

United Cerebral Palsy: Cerebral palsy toolkit

Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation: T D 1 Informational Guides

NW Down Syndrome Association:

National Eating Disorders: NEDA Parent Toolkit

NW Epilepsy Foundation: Epilepsy and My Child

Feeding tube awareness: A Parent's Introduction to Tube Feeding

Global Genes, allies in rare disease: RARE diseases toolkits on many topics


Institute on Development and Disability: Transition Guide 


Oregon Center for Developmental Disabilities: Support for different stages of life

Autism Speaks: Transition toolkit

American College of Physicians: Condition-specific transition toolkits