Volunteer For a Research Study

Participating in one of ORCATECH's research studies allows you to contribute to neurology and biomedical engineering research in an important way. Opportunities range from simple survey taking to longitudinal studies that allow our researchers to gather invaluable information about how individuals change over time. 

Current opportunities

About the E-FIND study

ORCATECH is recruiting participants for a research study to examine how financial behaviors change with age. The goal of the study is to discover the relationships between financial behaviors and cognitive health.

What to expect

Participation in the study includes:

  • Two visits to your home
  • 12 months of free financial monitoring
  • Completion of two study questionnaires

As a participant you will receive a personal financial monitoring service that was designed especially for older adults. EverSafe, the technology company that will be providing financial monitoring, will send you alerts if they detect any significant unusual activity in your accounts. Neither EverSafe nor OHSU has access or the ability to move your money, but OHSU will receive information about alerts generated for you.


  • Are 70 years old or older
  • Have online access to your banking, investment, or other financial accounts


For more information, please contact the study coordinator Jennifer Marcoe at marcoej@ohsu.edu

About the RITE study

The RITE study is a survey-based research study that you can participate in online from the comfort of your home. Surveys include questions about technology and healthcare. Your opinions and responses help ORCATECH researchers better understand how technology can be used to improve healthcare. 

Learn more about the RITE Study

What to expect

Members of the study will:

  • Complete online surveys about your health twice a month
  • Complete online surveys about your opinions of healthcare and technology once every 3-4 months
  • Receive newsletters about research updates and study findings

Previous online surveys asked participants about autonomous vehicles, wearables and technology used by caregivers. Surveys can be completed on a computer or mobile phone. 


  • Be at least 18 years old

About the EVALUATE-AD study

Funded by the NIA and Merck & Co., the EVALUATE-AD study uses technology to assess home-based activity in order to detect changes in Alzheimer's disease patients. By taking part in this study together with your care partner, you'll be contributing to the development of improved therapies for Alzheimer's.

What to expect

  • Continuous measurement of activity patterns, using motion sensors placed in each room of your home and devices like a digital pillbox and watch
  • A medical exam, survey-taking and memory testing


  • Are between 50 - 90 years old
  • Have a computer with broadband Internet service
  • Live with a partner, who is also a study participant, at home
  • Have mild cognitive impairment or early Alzheimer's disease


For more information, contact Jennifer Marcoe at marcoej@ohsu.edu

About the Life Lab

The ORCATECH Life Lab uses technology to assess activity in a home, with the hope of helping people live on their own longer. By participating in this study, you’ll be contributing to the development of future devices that aim to increase the quality of life of older adults.

What to expect

  • Continuous measurement of activity patterns, by using motion sensors placed in each room of your home and devices like a digital watch, scale and pillbox
  • A medical exam and periodic memory testing


  • Be at least 62 years old
  • Live independently or with a partner


For more information, contact Nicole Sharma at orcatech@ohsu.edu