How you can help

ORCCAMIND research gives health care providers the ability to design effective treatments using the best of both complementary and conventional medicine. Philanthropic support plays a crucial role in this undertaking. With your help, we can produce innovative therapies and preventives for neurological disorders that create a devastating impact on millions of people and families each year. The ORCCAMIND donations account to support ORCCAMIND research is administered by the OHSU Foundation, which administers over $100 million supporting overall research and education at OHSU.


Donate online

Donate online to ORCCAMIND through the OHSU Foundation, which provides a secure way for you to transmit your gift.

Donate by mail

Send a check or money order to:
OHSU Foundation
Mailstop 45
PO Box 4000
Portland, OR 97208-9852

Contributions made payable to OHSU Foundation, please note "ORCCAMIND" on the memo line.

More ways to give

Contact the OHSU Foundation to learn about more ways to give.