Flow Cytometry Core Services


OHSU West Campus / Oregon National Primate Research Center
505 N.W.185th Avenue
Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute

West Campus Cytometers

Cytek Northern Lights (V/B/R) / spectral (38 channels)
“LSR2A”:  BD LSR-II / 4 lasers (UV/V/B/R) / 18 detector (3U/7V/5B/3R)
“A528A”:  BD A5 Symphony / 5 lasers (UV/V/B/YG/R) / 28 detector (8UV/7V/5B/5YG/3R)

Cell sorters:
“Aria-II”:  BD Aria-II / 3 lasers (V/B/R) / 15 detector (7V/5B/3R) – Inside Biosafety Level 3 facility
“AriaFusion”: BD FACSAria Fusion / 4 lasers (UV/V/B/R) / 18 detectors (3U/7V/5B/3R) – inside biosafety cabinet

Free Flow Cytometry Classes

Flow101 (2.5hr classroom event) – Basic theory of flow cytometry, and introduction to technical details
Flow102 (2.0 one-on-one practicum) – Learning to use the Core analyzers
Flow103 (3hr+, multi-session one-on-one practicum) – Learning to use the Core cell sorters
Flow104 (2hr classroom event) – Introduction to FlowJo analysis software
Flow105 (1.5hr classroom event) – Titering antibody reagents
Flow106 (customized one-on-one or classroom event) – Designing cytometry staining panels
Flow107 (1hr classroom event) - Comparing conventional, spectral, and CyTOF cytometers)
Flow108 (2hr+ classroom event) – Concepts in high-parameter data analysis


Flow Cytometry Core Rates

Rental costs (as of July 2023):
LSR analyzer:                                    $68.35/hr
A528A analyzer:                               $84.50/hr
Cytek spectral analyzer                   TBD
Aria-II sorter (in BSL3):                    $73.22/hr
AriaFusion sorter (in BSC):              $79.05/hr
FlowCore Assistant:                         Hourly rate equal to the instrument used