Writing and Obtaining Informed Consent

Part of the OCTRI Study Coordinator Training Series

February 9, 2023
12 p.m. to 4 p.m.

This is an in person event. Location will be shared after registration.

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Class Description

This is one in a series of classes designed for OHSU employees who are working as research coordinators. The classes are designed to provide in-depth education through lecture, examples, and exercise on clinical research coordinator activities. 

The objective of this class is to increase knowledge of the purpose and procedures for obtaining informed consent. The class will include writing tips, negotiating language with industry sponsors, HIPAA, and in-depth discussion of the meaning of the subject injury/liability and cost boilerplate language. 

Class Objectives

  • Identify the required elements of consent
  • Identify the correct OHSU IRB consent template
  • Readability
  • How to obtain consent from adults, minors, decisionally impaired adults and individuals with limited English Proficiency
  • How to document consent
  • When to use a waiver of authorization vs prep to research form
  • Common consent problem