OCTRI-BERD Research Forum: Power and Sample Size RNA-Seq Data

Presenter: Jessica Minnier, Ph.D.

November 1, 2023
9 a.m. to 10 a.m.


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In this session from our Power and Sample Size (PSS) workshop series, we will begin focusing on one type of "omics" data analysis. PSS calculations for omics data require knowledge of the complex data generating procedures, as well as statistical concepts such as multiple testing and generalized linear models specific to the type of data generated. This seminar will give a cursory introduction to these concepts and provide examples for calculating sample size and power for bulk RNA-seq experiments with biological replicates. Single-cell RNA-seq will not be the focus but we will briefly touch on considerations for these studies.

Recommended background: This seminar assumes knowledge of basic statistical power concepts (power, sample size, effect size, level, Type I & II errors), which are covered in the introductory seminar in this series, PSS 101, and will recap those concepts only briefly. The recording and slides from the PSS 101 seminar are available online. This seminar will be recorded. Register through Compass.

Questions? Contact Amy Laird:  laird@ohsu.edu 

If you have a disability and need an accommodation to attend or participate in
this event, please contact Amy Laird (laird@ohsu.edu  ) at least five business days prior to the event.

Power and Sample size for RNA Flyer
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