Trainee Social Event

Join us Tuesday June 23 1:00pm Pacific; 2pm Mountain; 3pm Central; 4pm Eastern

Usually the Trainee Social takes place the evening before the conference begins, but by popular demand we have decided to hold it on Tuesday, June 23rd. We will also have over $200 in prizes and so come and try the social sessions.

When? From 1pm Pacific (4 pm Eastern) until you just can’t take it anymore.

Where? Discord link

No, you don’t need to make an account to use Discord*.

When you click the link above and accept the invite to join the NLM_Trainees_2020 server, you’ll be asked to identify yourself if you don’t already have a Discord account. Please make your username your first name and your institution so we know you’re not a troll or a Zoombomber, like this:

Lily_OHSU (except with your own first name and institution, of course).

After you enter our server, you’ll see a drop-down box on the left of the screen that says “BREAKOUT SOCIAL SESSIONS.”  You’ll have six options:

  1. Jackbox Game Channel: If you want to play Lie Swatter (or something else from the Jackbox Party Pack) enter this channel, find the code for that game in the corner of the screen, then enter on your mobile device’s browser and enter the code.
  2. Help me solve a problem!: Do you have a problem? Do you like telling other people what they should do to solve theirs? Maybe it’s a professional problem, maybe it’s a personal one, maybe you just need somebody to open a jar.
  3. Movies, TV, & Books: The place to discuss your most recent media fascination with other people who also have opinions on Tiger King.
  4. Food & Beer: This is the place to hang and chat while eating or making dinner, cleaning out your home brewing equipment, or rekindling your passion for Flaming Hot Cheetos. We’re in Portland, we’re all about that.
  5. Research & Professional: If you just haven’t had enough informatics for the day, then this is the place for you my friend.
  6. Quarantine Hobbies: Did you get a dog? Learn how to make bread? Finally conquer knitting? Humblebrag about it here.  

You don’t have to commit to a room, btw – feel free to come and go.

If you prefer typing to talking, we’ve also got text channels (think Slack). If you can’t figure out this whole Discord thing, go to the #discord-help channel in our Discord server (Discord link) and Garrett will straighten things out for you.

Questions? Get in touch with your friendly Student Planning Committee organizers via e-mail Lily or Meena or on the Discord text channel.

*Discord may not play nice with all browsers. You might want to use Chrome or the desktop version of Discord, or…. you’re the techie, you figure it out.”