Submission Types and Details

Similar to past conferences, there will be limits set for the number of speakers each training program can propose for plenary, focus, and poster sessions. 

Plenary sessions. We expect that approximately 20 abstracts will be presented to the entire assembly, usually one from each training program.  Each plenary presentation will be 10 minutes and an additional 5 minutes for questions. We plan to organize the plenaries sessions around themes that arise from keywords selected during the abstract submission process. Plenary sessions should describe research that is mature or recently completed, having results to report.

Focus sessions. We expect that up to 40 abstracts will be presented in parallel focus sessions, or approximately 2 from each program.  For focus sessions, each presentation will be no more than 10 minutes, including questions. Focus sessions will emphasize common techniques and sub-domains of interest within the training themes. Each focus session includes 15 minutes for panel questions. Focus sessions should describe work that is mature/recently completed or is just getting underway.

Poster sessions. We expect 36-45 posters to be presented. There will be specific, protected periods of time during the conference for trainees to staff their posters and present their research to their peers, and other times when the posters are unattended but available. The poster size should be 3'(h) x 4'(w).

Open-mic sessions. We expect to have one or two Open-Mic sessions involving up to 30 speakers, depending on the number of submissions. Open-Mic sessions are for trainees in the early stages of their research. Each speaker will have 3-5 minutes for their presentation and one minute for questions. Open-Mic presentations will be grouped thematically based on keywords selected during the submission process. Presenters will be allowed to use up to 4 powerpoint slides. A brief abstract is still required for these sessions.