Submission Site Quotas

As at previous meetings, trainee research will be presented at this meeting in four different formats. Ceilings are set for the number of speakers each training program can propose for Plenary, Focus and Poster sessions.  A trainee may only make one presentation at the conference.

T15, NLM, or VA supported programs

Each program may send a total of:

  • Up to 3 abstracts for talks, one for a plenary session and up to 2 abstracts for focus sessions, describing research projects conducted by its informatics trainees funded by NLM or the VA.
  • Up to 2 abstracts for posters, for projects that differ from those submitted for plenary or focus sessions.
  • Up to 2 nominees for open mics not already proposed for one of the other sessions.

BD2K T32 programs

Each program may send a total of:

  • 1 abstract for a plenary, 1 abstract for a focus session, and 1 abstract for a poster
  • 1 abstract for an open mic talk