General Instructions

Each program coordinator is expected to submit all abstracts for their trainees. Program coordinators will be sent the submission instructions via email. Program coordinators should review trainee abstracts to make sure that they follow all instructions and site quotas.

The deadline for abstract submission is March 2020.

Each submission will require the following information:

  1. Title (Up to 75 characters).
  2. Author list. *Important Note: The first author will be the presenter at the meeting. He/she must be a trainee currently supported by the NLM, NIH Clinical Center or VA.  Up to four additional authors may be listed. Each trainee will only present one time at the conference. In special cases, trainees who were formerly, but are not currently, supported by the NLM may present at the meeting.  In such cases, contact Dr. Florance for clearance before submitting.
  3. Abstract (Up to 300 words). 
  4. Keywords. Select at least 3 keywords for the submission. These keywords will be used by the planning committee to group the presentations and posters thematically. Keywords should be ordered from most to least relevant.
  5. Statement of Significance (Up to 150 words).
  6. Research Stage. Select the research stage: Idea/Early Stages, In Process, or Complete.
  7. Submission type. Select the submission type for the abstract: plenary, focus, poster, or open-mic.
  8. Presenter's full name and email address.

The deadline for abstract submission is March 2020.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.