Call for Abstracts

Each program coordinator is expected to submit all abstracts for their trainees. Program coordinators will be sent the submission link via email. Program coordinators should review trainee abstracts to make sure that they follow all instructions and site quotas prior to submitting.

The deadline for abstract submission is March 2020

As at previous meetings, trainee research will be presented at this meeting in four different formats: plenary, focus, poster, and open-mic. Ceilings are set for the number of speakers each training program can propose for the different types of sessions. Each trainee may only present one time at the conference. Plenary or focus session presenters should not also be first authors on posters presented at this conference.

T15, NLM or VA-supported programs

Each program may send a total of:

  • up to 3 abstracts for talks, one for a Plenary Session and up to 2 for a Focus Session, describing research projects conducted by its informatics trainees funded by NLM or the VA.
  • up to 2 abstracts for posters, for projects that differ from those submitted for Plenary or Focus sessions.  
  • up to 2 abstracts for open mics for projects that are not already proposed for one of the other sessions. Please select from the menu for more information about the types of research to be presented in each session.

BD2K T32 programs

These programs may send a total of:

  • 1 abstract for a plenary, 1 abstract for a focus session, and 1 abstract for a poster
  • 1 abstract for an open mic talk

In special cases, trainees who were formerly, but are not currently, supported by the NLM may present at the meeting.  In such cases, contact Dr. Valerie Florance for clearance before submitting.