People's Choice Awards

On the last day of the NLM conference, the following participants received awards from a vote by all participants.

Plenary Session Name Program Title of Talk
Clinical and Public Health Informatics Rachel "Rocky" Aikens Stanford University Pilot Designs: Extending Experimental Principles to Observational Studies
Translational Bioinformatics Amelia K. Haj University of Wisconsin - Madison Identifying MHC Class I Binding Peptides Using an Ultradense Peptide Array
Focus Session Darvin Yi Stanford University Lopsided Bootstrap Loss Enables Segmentation Networks to Learn from Annotations with Multiple False Negatives
Open Mic Cindy C. Reynolds University of California, San Diego Improved Physician Follow-Up Using Post-Handoff Report Outcomes (PHaROs)
Poster Session Carlos C. Vera Recio University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center An Ensemble Approach to Study Tumor Evolution Using Multiple Samples
Here are three pictures of NLM award winners.
Left: Darvin Yi (top), Rachel "Rocky" Aikens (bottom) and Right: Amelia Haj--all with their award certificates