Investigator Resources

Research training with the MARC

The Methamphetamine Research Center offers hands-on training experience to M.D. and Ph.D. students, medical residents, and post-doctoral fellows. We especially encourage cross-training between clinical and pre-clinical laboratories, so that future clinicians get to view their work from a bench-science perspective, while laboratory scientists have the chance to see the human impacts of lab work.

VA Summer Research Fellowships

The VA Summer Student Research Fellowship Program provides a small number of stipends for medical and undergraduate students wishing to get research training in VA science labs.

To be considered, interested students must approach a VA scientist to serve as a summer mentor. The mentor then submits a one-page proposal to the Portland VAMC research office for consideration.

High-School or Undergraduate Students

Some MARC labs may take pre-graduate students in their labs on a short term or internship basis Students who are interested should read up on the science being done in each lab and identify projects that are of interest. Then they should contact the individual researcher or faculty member who is directing the research and ask if opportunities are available. For a list of faculty and their interests, please see Behavioral Neuroscience faculty.