Pilot Project Program

Watch for new pilot project program starting 2018.

For examples of previous MARC pilot projects, please see Component 6.

MARC Pilot projects 2016-17

Applications due: April 4, 2016, by 5:00 PM (PST) for the 2016 Opportunity
Download: pdf version of Announcement


Each year the MARC provides funding for approximately three one-to-two year projects intended to bring new research directions, approaches, and investigators into the center. Approximately $25,000 per project is available.

Proposals will be evaluated each year on their scientific merit and innovation and on their alignment with the MARC’s research themes, which include:

  • Neuroadaptation to methamphetamine
  • Neurocircuitry of methamphetamine response
  • Impulsivity as a predictor of methamphetamine abuse or as a characteristic that may be altered by methamphetamine
  • Neuroimmune response (drug-induced or endogenous differences in neuroimmune function that affect the response to MA)
  • Translation between preclinical and clinical models of methamphetamine effects/abuse.

Projects are also intended to generate preliminary data for future R-type grant applications. Pilots funded for an initial year are eligible for consideration for a second year of funding; however, investigators must reapply through the competitive review process.

Who is eligible

All OHSU and VA faculty interested in methamphetamine research may submit proposals. Postdoctoral trainees are not eligible.

Proposal elements

Proposals should include:

  1. The following forms from the NIH's PHS-398 forms page:
    • Face page (official signatures other than yours NOT required)
    • Abstract page (Form Page 2)
    • Budget pages (Form page 4 and also Form page 5, if 2 years of support are requested), with written justification for budget requests.
    • Biographical sketch form (including other support)
  2. Research proposal including specific aims, background, preliminary data, methods and procedures, and references (five-page limit excluding references; 6-page limit for investigators requesting a second year of funding, with the additional page devoted to the progress report). Use NIH R01 guidelines for formatting: margin dimentions, font size, line spacing, figures and legends, etc.
  3. Relationship of pilot project to center goals
  4. Explanation of need for conducting pilot project at this time (e.g., scientific, fiscal or other reasons).

Maximum budget: $25,000


Proposals will be reviewed by at least two members of our external scientific advisory board or other external experts in the area of the proposal. Based on these reviews and their own reviews, MARC Director Aaron Janowsky and Scientific Director Tamara Phillips will make recommendations to the MARC Executive Committee for funding.

For further information, please contact the MARC Scientific Director, Tamara Phillips, at phillipt@ohsu.edu or 503-220-8262 x56674 or the MARC Administrative Manager, William Schutzer, at schutzer@ohsu.edu or 503-721-1413.