Kimberly Marston, B.S.

Kimberly Marston with ponytail and red jacket

Kimberly Marston, B.S.

National Academy of Sports Medicine CPT

Kimberly earned her Bachelors of Science in Exercise and Sports Science from Oregon State University. She loves to make a difference and improve people's daily lives. Being able to help someone climb stairs without getting winded, or make their bed with ease, or get off a chair/ the floor on their own, it makes all the difference. Improving quality of life at any age is my number one goal.

Kimberly makes it a point to keep communication open in both directions. Providing structure and guidance, while allowing feedback and input from my clients about any restrictions or limitations they may have on any given day. She also loves getting to know her clients on a more personal level. Having that emotional connection not only makes each session more enjoyable but it keeps people more consistent and in track with their fitness goals. Kimberly believes every workout can be fun, effective and safe.

Training Strengths and Specialties
•older adults
•joint replacements

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