Kimberlin Nicks, B.S.

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Kimberlin Nicks, B.S.

Certified Personal Trainer

Kim graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelors in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. Certified through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and Certified in Applied Functional Science through the Gray Institute, Kim has been a personal trainer and movement strength coach for almost a decade. While in Austin, Kim coached a variety of people: from weekend warriors to professional endurance athletes; new moms to grandparents.

After learning more about the benefits of soft tissue work and becoming certified in Active Release Technique through A.R.T. and Performance Taping through RockTape, Kim obtained her Massage Therapy License from East West College and another Bachelors in Human Biology from the University of Western States.

In personal training, Kim enjoys working with clients in all stages of their fitness journey, but is especially geared towards endurance athletes, weightlifters and hikers/backpackers.

In massage therapy, sports massage and deep tissue fascial work are her specializations. During the session, she applies movement and stretching while releasing built up tension and fascial restrictions within the body.

Being a lifelong athlete and with vast knowledge of human biomechanics, she is able to combine strength training with soft tissue work in a way that has helped all her athletes move better, recover faster, and also be more resilient to injury.

Training Specialties & Strengths

  • Athletic performance
  • Functional training
  • Injury rehab/prevention
  • Triathlon
  • Weight loss

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