Britney Charitar, L.M.T.

Britney Charitar from march wellness & fitness center in black sports jacket.

Britney Charitar, L.M.T., knew at a young age that she was meant to help people and has always enjoyed watching and participating in the healing process of others.  She worked for a small period of time in hospice and, though working with the terminally ill could be heart wrenching, Britney never felt more fulfilled.  She was later introduced to massage therapy as a potential career path and one that would benefit not only hospice residents but other diverse groups of people who are also in need.  After further research, Britney enrolled in the massage therapy program at University of Western States.

While in school, Britney had the opportunity to learn a variety of massage approaches, from treating patients with oncology massage to working with Portland State University athletes by providing sports massage.  Once graduated, Britney primarily focused on injury recovery and pre/post op massage.  Britney now uses an integrated approach specializing in deep tissue, Swedish, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, and muscle energy techniques to assist in the healing, recovery, and relaxation of her clients.

When she is not massaging, Britney enjoys spending time with her loved ones, the great outdoors, attending concerts, and working on her art.

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