OHSU Library Liaison Program

Liaison Program Description

The OHSU Library Liaison Program is designed to create partnerships between the library and schools, departments and centers in the OHSU community by pairing librarians with faculty, staff and students. This program will enhance communication, collaboration and effectiveness of the library by supporting the educational, research and clinical needs of the OHSU community.

Liaison Librarians are the primary contacts between the OHSU Library and a school, department, or center at OHSU. The program will provide faculty, staff and students with the name of at least one person they can call upon as a starting point for assistance with or information about any library service, resource or issue. The liaison librarian will foster two-way communication between the library and their designated program and will develop relationships between the members of that school, department or center in order to better understand the information needs they may have.

Liaison Librarians Will:

  • Actively foster communication with assigned schools, departments or centers
  • Provide education services to inform and teach users how to access and use the library’s resources and services and how to find information effectively
  • Market library services and resources to the schools, departments and centers
  • Be a contact person for requests for resources and services
  • Participate in professional development activities to enhance skills and knowledge to support assigned schools, departments and centers

Examples of what your Liaison Librarian can do for you:


        • Produce a Library Guide of resources or services in your research or curriculum areas
        • Schedule office hours in your lab or office
        • Write a feature or column for your departmental newsletters
        • Send information packets for new faculty
        • Attend department meetings or lab meetings on a regular basis
        • Serve on a departmental or curriculum committees
        • Assist with departmental or center program, re-accreditation process or grant applications

        Curricular Activities

        • Work with faculty to ensure information literacy is fully incorporated into curricula and competencies; map information literacy to school competencies
        • Establish a teaching partnership with faculty in related schools
        • Teach a course or a course component
        • Establish a research partnership with faculty in related schools
        • Develop a program that promotes active student-centered learning

        Orientations, Instructional Sessions or Demonstrations

        • Create information literacy classes for students
        • Schedule orientation meetings with new faculty
        • Schedule library orientation meetings with new residents
        • Create or revise library orientations for student groups
        • Demonstrate relevant library resources and services at department meetings or events

        Library Collection Development

        • Survey department or group about research needs and how the library’s collections can support them
        • Ask for feedback when making decisions in updating the library’s collections

        A core team of librarians in the OHSU Library carries out the responsibilities Library Liaison Program. Liaison assignments are made based on a combination of a librarian’s academic background, work experience and interest. Assignments are evaluated periodically.

        If you have questions about the liaison to your unit or suggestions about the program, call 503-494-3460.