Library Council

What We Do

The Library Council develops the library strategic plan and goals, appoints and guides library committee and working group members, and advises the University Librarian on library policies, assessment, initiatives, and resource allocation.

The University Librarian chairs Library Council.  Anyone may suggest a topic for discussion by the Library Council.  Council meetings are open to all Library staff.  Voting is limited to Council members. 

Membership and Elections

The membership consists of the University Librarian and the department heads; one elected representative of the unclassified and classified staff, respectively; the Library Administrator (ex-officio); and others by appointment of University Librarian.

The elected classified and unclassified staff representatives are elected in alternating years for two-year terms beginning January 1. Elected representatives may not serve consecutive terms. Permanent and appointed members are ineligible to be nominated or vote in the election.

The role of elected members is to represent the Library staff. Elected members should proactively communicate with their constituents regarding agendas, action items and decisions.

Kris Alpi

Kris Alpi, University Librarian (ex-officio), (Chair)


Basia Delawska-Elliott, unclassified staff representative

Dawn Baker

Dawn Baker, classified staff representative

Robin Champieux, Director of Education, Research & Clinical Outreach  (ex-officio)

Kristi DeShazo, Director Collection Management  (ex-officio)

David Forero, Technology Director (ex-officio)

Tracy Thornton, Library Administrator (ex-officio)