Library Collections Description

The following statistics reflect the state of the OHSU Library's collection as of December 2016.

Number of print books: 75,400
Number of electronic books: 173,695
Number of print journal titles: 6,143
Number of electronic journal titles: 31,275
Number of subscription databases: 136

Brief Library Description

The Library is sometimes asked to provide a brief description of the library, its resources and its services for grant applications. Please feel free to use the following text. If you need additional information, contact us.

Basic and health sciences are the focus of the Library’s collections, which are also strong in environmental science and engineering. The print collections include over 260,000 physical volumes of which approximately 179,657 are journal volumes and 83,857 are books. The Library has described, organized and digitized thousands of documents, photographs, and videos to make them more widely accessible for researchers, students, and the general public in the OHSU Digital Commons. Print collections are housed in the BICC, CLSB, Old Library, and Isabel McDonald Library.

The Library adds approximately 17,078 monographs annually, subscribes to 31,275 unique electronic journal titles and provides access to 136 subscription databases. The Library also supports open access publishing by including thousands of such titles in the catalog.

In 2014, Library users downloaded 1,529,765 articles, searched subscribed databases 1,722,530 times, and accessed e-books over 260,000 times.