FAQ for Library Computers

Q. What kinds of computers does the OHSU Library provide?
A. The OHSU Library provides PC workstations for use by OHSU faculty, staff, and students.  The library also provides several PCs for the general public.

Q. Who can use the computers, and how do I log in?
A. Except for workstations provided for general public use, all library computers are reserved for OHSU faculty, staff, and students only.  To use the PCs, you must log in with your OHSU network ID and password.

Q. Can I run personal/other software on the library's workstations?
A. No, only software that is licensed for network use and that has been installed and tested by the library's computer support staff can be deployed on library workstations.

Q. Is the library's internet access restricted/filtered?
A. No, but all users must comply with the library's Computer Use Policy, OHSU's policy, Acceptable Use of Computing and Telecommunications Resources, and all other applicable OHSU and library policies.