Calling All OHSU Artists!

In honor of humanities programing, OHSU students, staff, faculty, alumni, and volunteers are invited to submit up to two original, unpublished artwork submissions in .pdf, .jpg, or .png format by March 17th, 2019 to


The purpose of the competition is to promote OHSU humanities programing and to reward excellence and creativity by featuring all appropriate submissions on the OHSU Library website.  One submission may also be selected to fill an approximate space of 6” X 4” on the printed program of the 2019 Annual Poetry Recognition Event hosted by OHSU library on April 10th, 2019.

Art submission guidelines:

  • Theme and Selection:  The visual narrative of the artist’s work should embody art in their own bold, subtle, or unique vision with special consideration of your OHSU experience through an artistic lens (though no specific theme is required).  Note:  Please follow HIPAA and privacy guidelines. Works that contain PHI will be rejected.
  • Artistic Form:  Although your art can be created in multiple mediums (photography, drawings, paintings, graphic designs, etc.), your art must be submitted as an attachment in .pdf, .jpg, or .png format.

To submit your artwork, please send the following to

  • Your contact information (artist’s name, OHSU affiliation, phone number, and email).
  • One digital image uploaded at a time (up to 2 submissions sent in total) in a .pdf, .jpg, or .png file attachment.
  • Please use “Art” as the subject line of your e-mail.

Honoring your work:

  • Art submissions will be judged and a selected artist may receive a $75 gift card.
  • Submissions selected for prizes or recognition will be displayed at the OHSU Library, BICC building, 3rd floor, and on the OHSU Library’s website in honor of OHSU’s Humanities Month, 2019.
  • One submission may be featured on the cover of the printed program of the OHSU Poetry Contest Recognition event on April 10, 2019.
  • Some submissions may be displayed in the lobby at the OHSU Poetry Contest Recognition event on April 10, 2019.

By submitting your original artwork in .pdf, .jpg, or .png to, you grant OHSU the non-exclusive right to copy and redistribute your creative work in any medium or format in perpetuity. You will retain all of your copyrights, and be able to republish and redistribute your work without restriction. 

OHSU Library is excited to support a forum for the OHSU community to express their creativity and share their insight and experience with others.